Advanced Functional Needling 

Advanced principles and points to enhance your treatment outcomes

AFN Course

The Advanced Functional Needling course is designed to help increase your capacity to safely and effectively needle functionally relevant points. In doing so, increasing your ability to effect change in the functional capacity in the shortest period of time.

The course provides:

  1. Foundational knowledge of the neuro-physiological effects of needling/acupuncture with and without electrical stimulation

  2. Best practice methods for utilization of electrical stimulation of acupuncture/needling points for increased efficacy

  3. Needling of functionally relevant points not taught in foundational acupuncture/needling courses

  4. Understanding the relationship of the fascial, muscular and nervous system and how to effect change within it

  5. Movement Assessment as indication for needling

As interest and use of needling/acupuncture grows there is a greater need to differentiate yourself from your peers. This Advanced Functional Needling course strives to provide you with advanced needling points and advanced principles not taught in most traditional courses in an effort to differentiate you from your peers.

Efficiency is how you can differentiate yourself amongst your peers when it comes to needling, and efficiency is a product of depth of understanding. Only with greater depth of understanding you have on anatomy, neurophysiology and the nature of functioning in the body will you have the ability to demonstrate efficiency. This course is designed to multiply your efficiency in practice exponentially.

You will be guided through precise insertion as well as safe and painless needling techniques to ensure best practice success and patient comfort.

Through this course you will leave with a deeper understanding of what your needles are doing in the body from a neuro-physiological perspective so as to leave you with confidence as a needling practitioner.

As well, you will learn the most recent research of electrical stimulation with acupuncture/needling and how to maximize electrical stimulation for greater results.

Advanced Needling Points

• Median/Ulnar/Radial nerve entrapment sites
• Serratus Anterior
• Glute Med/Min/Max
• Psoas (multiple approaches)
• Levator Scapula

• Transverse Abdominus/Obliques
• Sciatic nerve
• Intrinsic Foot Muscles
• Flexor Hallucis Longus
•QL… to name a few



The Advanced Functional Needling course is an advanced course, thus it is recommended that participants have previous experience in using needles/acupuncture.

Your previous experience is not important as the course utilizes innovative teaching techniques to allow all participants to learn the advanced points effectively and safely. 

Various tools will be used to enhance learning, including detailed neuro-anatomy of areas where needling will be taught, cadaver videos depicting a 3-Dimensional visual of location sites.






All course material including needling guide for safe landmarking of advanced points. Advanced needling principles guide book and lecture slides


** Cancellations 14 days or earlier of the course date registered for, NO refund will be provided. However, withdrawal from a course you have registered for greater than 14 days of the course start date a refund will be given minus $200 processing fee. ATP reserves the right to cancel a course, if doing so participants will receive a full refund of the course only. By registering you are agreeing to this.

Beyond just learning new points, I feel like I finally learned how to use the needles in the most effective way. Principles I had no idea about.
— PT (ON)
More than trigger point!! I had no idea I can do so much with needles
— DC (ON)
Mahmoud is a very knowledgeable therapist with a knack of delivering the subject matter. All around great course, worth every penny!
— DC (AB)
This course is leading edge, clinically relevant and applicable immediately Monday morning. I am already seeing my patients in a different light.
— PT (SK)