Foundations in Functional Needling


Foundations Course

In this foundational needling course, you will learn components of needling taking into account the history of acupuncture and current neurophysiological research on the effectiveness of needling. You will explore different needling techniques from acupuncture (traditional meridian system), dry needling, IMS, and osteopuncture. At the end of the course you will be able to locate with confidence, key structures to needle. You will develop an understanding in the use of various points for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions as well as the proficiency to needle effectively and painlessly.

The Foundations Needling course Major concepts:

• Traditional concepts and theories of acupuncture
• Neurophysiological principles on the therapeutic effects of needling
• Painless and controlled needling techniques
• Various reactions from needling and how best to deal with them
• Location of needling points using palpation and landmarking key anatomical structures
• Specific needling techniques and their use (dry needling, trigger points, pecking, osteopuncture)
• Clinical utilization and application of electrical stimulation of needles

You will learn points that govern function and movement of all joints in the body from ankle, knee and hip to the shoulder, elbow, wrist and cervical and lumbar spine.

Live Cases and Cadaver Videos

Live case presentations will be done throughout the course to she the application of needling in a clinical setting.

As well, to aid in the learning process, live cadaver videos of embalmed and un-embalmed cadavers will be shown to appreciate depth of insertion for precision and for safety.

What separates this course from other courses?

In this foundational course you will be learning approaches that can be utilized in any clinical setting with special application to professional athletes and Olympians, based on the clinical experience of the instructors. Scientific evidences combined with foundational principles that govern the behaviour of the human body are applied to allow for effective and efficient treatment results. y

You will gain a deeper understanding of human functional movement and how the needling points can influence movement on a neurophysiological level. Using these concepts, you can help the body make lasting changes by working within the body’s abilities to optimize function and performance.

Course Breakdown

Weekend #1: MARCH 7-8, 2020

  • Needling of Shoulder girdle, Elbow, Hand and Head & Neck

  • Understanding the Neurophysiology of Pain

  • Understanding the Neurophysiology of Acupuncture/Needling

  • Safety Considerations

  • Painless and Controlled Needling

weekend #2: April 4-5, 2020

  • Use of Electrical Stimulation of Needles (use, frequencies, etc.)

  • Needling techniques (clinical and neurophysiological effects)

  • Needling of Hip, Knee, Ankle and Paravertebral/Spinal points

  • Management of Acute Injuries

  • Management of Chronic Injuries

weekend #3: April 25-26, 2020

  • Trigger point needling/Dry Needling (effects, use)

  • Trigger point needling of various upper extremity and lower extremity points

  • Live Case Presentations

  • Putting everything together

  • Complex scenarios and Unique/rare cases

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All course material, lecture slides and a collection of research papers to guide your learning after the course


** Cancellations 14 days or earlier of the course date registered for, NO refund will be provided. However, withdrawal from a course you have registered for greater than 14 days of the course start date a refund will be given minus $100 processing fee.


Dr. Zaerian’s knowledge of the subject matter is exceptional, and his ability to communicate and effectively demonstrate makes for an amazing learning experience
— PT (AB)
Dr. Zaerian and Bagnulo have an exceptional grasp of the material. It’s really fun learning from them and the potential of this modality in clinical practice
— PT (ON)
I would recommend learning from Dr. Zaerian and Bagnulo if you get the chance, they know their stuff and it shows
— PT (ON)
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