A guide the INCREASING and maintaining range of motion in your gymnasts while mitigating risk of injury

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The Workshop

In this workshop you will be presented with the most recent understanding of how BEST to INCREASE range of motion in your gymnasts effectively, safely and efficiently.

With recent advancements in understanding of WHAT it takes and HOW best to increase range of motion in the body, The Workshop will guide you through guidelines to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY increase the range of motion in your gymnast. These guidelines are principles that function human movement and when applied can facilitate change in the body and the range of motion and flexibility quickly and efficiently.

Once the principles are understood, and how best to apply them you will then be guided through a series of exercises to learn the exercises that apply the principles.

Along with the workshop you will be given a copy of The Gymnastics Manual and a series of videos of the exercises in The Gymnastics Manual.

The Gymnastics Manual has laid out over 40 exercises to do to increase range of motion quicker and have it stick as well as providing you a library of over 40 exercises (and growing) of exercises shown in the book as well as others to increase performance and reduce the risk of injuries in your gymnasts.

Exercises that can be added into your conditioning aspects of training.

What you will get:

Along with exercises and principles that will help you increase your gymnasts range of motion and flexibility in your gymnast quickly and effectively what makes these exercises really valuable is more than just that.

These exercises and guidelines will INCREASE your gymnasts strength in ranges of motions used in gymnastic skill execution REDUCING the occurrence of injuries and pain in your gymnast.

The promise of the workshop and The Gymnastics Manual is that you will get tools to increase your gymnasts flexibility AND have tools and direction to reduce injuries in your gymnasts.

Learning Objectives:

In the workshop you will learn methods, approaches and exercises to increase flexibility/range of motion in the following gymnastics related movements:

  • Middle Splits and Front Splits

  • Split leaps

  • Shoulder flexion

  • Ankle flexibility

  • Wrist Flexibility

  • Prevention methods to mitigate risk of growth related injuries and other gymnastics related injuries


1-4 pm. 1000, 4141 avenue Pierre-De Coubertin
Montréal, (Québec) H1V 3N7 at the INS


September 8th 1-4 pm, 179 Canada Olympic RD SW, Calgary Gymnastics Centre


October 20th 10-1pm, 6991 Millcreek Dr., Futures Gymnastics


The Gymnastics Manual is a very comprehensive and thorough program that can be easily incorporated into daily practice. This manual contains exercises that are fundamental for improving and maintaining mobility, as well as preventing injuries in gymnasts of all ages and abilities. It contains pictures and detailed descriptions on how to perform each exercise, making it straightforward to administer. This manual should be a staple amongst the gymnastics community!
— Lindsay Woodnick, PT
My hips feel way better and looser. My shoulder is not sore anymore, first time in a while since its been sore. I can move it way easier and it doesn’t take 4 or 5 turns on bars to warm it up anymore. It feels good on my first turn.
— Ana Padurariu - World Silver Medalist, National Gymnast


The Gymnastics Manual, a guide book of exercises and information to improve range of motion and mitigate injuries. Videos that are associated with the exercises in The Gymnastics Manual.


** Cancellations 14 days or earlier of the course date registered for, NO refund will be provided. However, withdrawal from a course you have registered for greater than 14 days of the course start date a refund will be given minus $100 processing fee.